Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A President, a Scientist, and a Travel Agent

Seth has had many major projects lately. First was his Presidents Report. His president was Gerald Ford. He had to research and give a 3 minute speech as that president. He learned that that Gerald Ford was born Leslie Lynch King Jr. and he was the only vice president to be an eagle scout. He did a great job and seems to enjoy the stage. Do we have politician on our hands?
In February Seth had his Science Fair. Since he had been learning about drugs in the DARE program he decided to do research on The effects of smoking On Our Lungs. It is scary all the things that are in cigarettes (among others; formaldehyde, tar and rat poison). I am surprised anyone who knows what is in them will smoke and live to tell about it. Then last week he had the State Fair. His state was South Dakota. He researched his state and made a informational brochure.
Hopefully this is the last of the major projects for Seth this year. The great thing about Seth is that he doesn't need to be watched over when he has papers or projects to do. He is a great writer and enjoys research.

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