Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Mothers - we have good days and we have...other days!

Sunday was one of those "good days". After church (we have the dreaded late schedule) Micah was a gem while Seth and I made dinner. He enjoyed playing with these balloons, and yes, he IS flossing his teeth with the ribbons.

Next I found him in the play box. Dinner was on the table before I even heard him complain.

Then we have those...other days
Micah was exhausting on Friday. It was one of those days a mother considers selling the kids to a traveling band of gypsies. I'm not saying I don't love the whining, throwing and hitting; it's just that I hat hit my limit. I think he had 8 time-outs that day. Bruce rescued my sanity with a date later that night. This is a pic of one of his tantrums. Isn't he cute? You gotta love the drool!
Then shortly after I took the pic of Micah; Kate had a meltdown and I sent her to her room. Being such a compassionate and caring mom, I snapped this pic before I talked to her and set her free.
It seems to me that our time-out chair doesn't work. So I have found a new time-out spot. The bonus to this location is that I can get so much more done while he is "serving his time". Okay, before someone calls child protection services I should mention he enjoys playing in the dog kennel and it wasn't even locked.

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  1. I love the dog kennel! I think I need one of those! Hee hee!