Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The boy and his dog

Micah loves our new dog. He enjoys climbing all over the dog until she gets tired of him and gets up and moves to another spot. He has an annoying obsession with the dog's food and water. He especially loves to play with the dog food while she eats. It doesn't seem to bother Lady at all. Earlier today I caught Micah sitting next to the dog while she was eating with the empty water bowl on his head like a hat. I'm not sure where all the water ended up. It's too bad I didn't have the camera ready. It was pretty funny.

However, a dog and a toddler create a great challenge. Here are a list of things I said before 9 am this morning.

1. Don't put your sister's shoe in the dog's water bowl.
2. Don't sit on the dog, she is not a horse.
3. Don't pull the doggie's ears.
4. Don't try to feed the dog Mr. Potato Head's ear.
5. Don't drive your cars in the dog's water bowl.
6. No, the doggies does not need a pacifier.
7. Stop throwing your cereal on the floor for the doggie to eat.
8. Don't put your shoe in the dog's water bowl.
9. No, the doggie doesn't need a milk bath.
10. Stop throwing dog food all over the kitchen floor. (I left the room for only 5 minutes only to return to find an entire bowl of food scattered all
over the kitchen floor. It was like walking through a land mine.)

I can't remember how Micah entertained himself before we got the dog but I'm sure there weren't so many ways to get into trouble.

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