Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Blast Off!

My cub scout just completed his last cub scout derby. I'm a little sad to close this chapter.
The following are pics from previous years. I don't know why Seth looks younger in 2008 than he did in 2007.
The year of the "Raingutter Regatta". As this ship requires no parental help to assemble Seth was free to creativity decorate his vessel. Glitter glue was an exciting addition.
Results: The ship did not seem to be sea worthy as the sail did not want to stay up and the boat flipped.


The Pinewood Derby. Bruce (patiently) helped him with this awesome creation. Seth was sure this car was worthy of first place.

Results: He finished 4th. Not too bad!


The space derby. Seth carved and painted this rocket himself. Doesn't it look cool. Green is his favorite color. I love this pic. Seth can't resist posing. Seth had high hopes for this derby as previous races failed to meet expectations.

Results: The first race ended disappointingly at take off. The rocket did not even move forward. Time for hero intervention. Hero dad used a cordless drill to wind the propeller. Now the planets have aligned, the tears have dried up, and the hope of an amazing take-off resumes. Ten, nine, eight...two, one. Blast off. The propeller spun furiously as it should but once again the rocket went nowhere. Finally the light bulb comes on. We were winding the propeller the wrong direction. Once we figured that out the rocket propelled itself forward but the race was pretty much done. So all-in-all Seth had a disappointing cub scout derby career. Maybe we will get it all figured out by the time Micah becomes a boy scout in 6 years.

Seth, we enjoy having you in our family. You are so much fun. You have just earned your Webelos rank. We are proud of you.

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  1. okay - be prepared.... I CAN NOT believe that SETH is that old!!!! and now I have to pause, take a deep breath, and get over how old I am not even though he is growing up. ;) Way to go SETH! Keep at it.