Monday, March 16, 2009

The Perfect Mother Has Fallen

I have been the perfect mother to Micah who is now 22 months. I mean really, I should be. He is my fourth child. All that experience should make parenting a breeze, right? Micah has been one of those children that other parents have been secretly envious of. He is happy, quiet (speech delay - a blog for another day), peaceful, and plays calming by himself. Who wouldn't want a child like this.
Over the last few weeks I have felt my angelic halo has been slipping. No, I take that back. It has fallen off and completely shattered. Micah has decided that throwing is his new favorite pastime. It would be fine with me if he just threw a ball across the room. Or used soft, fluffy stuffed animals as a weapon. But, nooooo! He enjoys throwing heavy and hard things directly at people and animals. He will seek someone out (usually the cat or dog) just to throw something at them. I think he particularly enjoys throwing his sippy cup at me when I am asleep on the couch. What a sweet kid!
Just to spice things up he also enjoys hitting. Usually an open handed slap right across my face. Yesterday I put him in time-out for slapping me. After his mandatory 60 second time-out I talked to him about using nice hands. I get the impression it didn't click because he slapped me again while still sitting in time-out.
What is a perfect mom to do? Time-out (he was in time-out about 8 times yesterday) and showing him how to be gentle just isn't working. I've heard some people having success by hitting them back with a toy but I am not a fan of abuse. Do any of you have any suggestions? I am at my wits end.

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  1. The only thing I can suggest is be consistent. Whatever you decide to do, stick with it! Luke is hitting right now too, he thinks it is hilarious!