Friday, March 6, 2009

My inheritance from dear ol' dad

My father has many wonderful traits I could have inherited. So why is it that I have to be the recipient of the less favorable trait of insomnia. I don't have it everynight but I still have to deal with it more often than I would like. Last night was a typical insomnia night. This was the schedule of events:

10:30 - 11:00 Go to bed with dreams of a great night sleep. Fall asleep immediately.
3:15 am: toss and turn for 45 minutes pretending that you are going to fall asleep any minute.
4:00 am: Storm down stairs in hopes that doing something totally boring will induce sleepiness.
4:10 am: Update your facebook status to "having insomnia again" and wonder why zero of your 159 friends are not up too so you can chat with them. Not even they guy from your ward in H.S. who now lives in China.
4:15 am: Get bored and start reading mommy blogs that make you feel better about youself because "at least I don't do that". Read posted comments too.
5:30 am: Return to bed because certainly you must be tired now. Toss and turn and finally fall asleep ten minutes before the alarm goes off. Sigh! Another unproductive, tired, zombie-like day. There is always tomorrow night.
Thank you dad. I think of you every night I am up for no apparent reason. The only consulation? I know you are up too. I love you dad!

My dad and his dad.


  1. That totally sucks! I have never suffered from insomnia! I sleep like death most nights!

  2. Chad suffers from insomnia from time to time. It is really tough. I hope that it gets better for you!