Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Zoo, Dog, and Hair

Zoo Trip

Kate, Micah, and I dropped off Bruce at the airport for his Washington D.C. trip bright and early (6:30 am). Since we were already up in Salt Lake I wanted to make it a day trip. We stopped at Paradise Bakery for breakfast then off to the zoo. We were the very first and only people at the zoo for at least 15 minutes. We had a great time. These two turkeys were guarding the ramp to the elephants. It was pretty funny. They seriously wouldn't let us pass.

Our New Dog

On the way home from the zoo we stopped to look at this cute little puppy. I had been considering getting a dog since Bruce is traveling more. We weren't planning on taking her home but I felt a little pressured (there were two other families that would take her today if we didn't). Her name was Fanny. I really didn't want to name my dog after someones backside, so the kids and I re-named her Lady.

So, Bruce came home from our nations capital to a new family member. I was a little worried that Lady would bark at him. But, she came to him like he had been here all along.

She has been fun to have. She is only 5 mos so she still has some training. Sometimes I love having her, other times I question my decision. For example, she loves to chase the cat. I know, cats and dogs, blah blah blah. But we have the sweetest kitty who loves to be with the family and cuddle with you on the couch. Now she is stuck in my bedroom all the time. It makes me kind of sad. Oh well, we will see how it goes.

Valentine Hair

I found a fun blog that shows you how to do very cute hairstyles for girls called hair4myprincess.blogspot.com. So I did this heart in Kate's hair for Valentines day. We tied a red ribbon at the bottom but I forgot to take a pic of the completed style. It is too much fun to have a girl.

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