Friday, February 27, 2009

A Lesson Learned

Several women and their kids from church came over today for lunch. After everyone but one friend had left, Kate and a 4 yr old boy were playing outside for a little longer. They didn't stay too much longer before they left. Later that day I stopped at my friends house where I learned that Kate told the boy it was time for him to go home because she was going to have another friend come over to play. (This was not part of the plan). She even told his mom they should go home. Back in the car I had a discussion with Kate. This is how it went:

Me: Kate, I am sad. You were not nice to "boy" telling him he needed to go home. If you have a problem with him or you are tired of playing with him you need to quietly tell me. It's not nice to tell "boy" or his mom that he needs to go home.

Kate: (Pause) My eyes have water in them.

(Looking in the rearview mirror seeing tears well up.)

Me: Oh honey, it's okay. It's just a lesson that you need to learn.

Kate: (still tearing up) Oh mom, I learn a lot of lessons at preschool but I have never learned that one.

Me: Well, now you know and I know you will be nice.

My heart just melted listening to her. She was so sincere in her remorse. If only all lessons could be learned so quickly.
I love you Kate, thank you for being such a sweet girl!

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  1. Wow! she is just gorgeous! I just love this stage - four is a fun age for sure!