Thursday, May 7, 2009

San Francisco

Bruce had a convention in San Francisco, one of my all time favorite cities. I decided it was time for me to escort him on one of his trips. We talked my kind parents into babysitting our four kids. This was the first time in nearly 15 years of marriage that we have taken a trip without kids or being pregnant. Bruce is on a National Young Architects committee and they paid for his flight, hotel, food and convention fees. All I had to cover was my flight and food. Since we went early, Bruce and I were able to spend the whole day together. We were total tourists (a luxury we have never had). We began at Yorba Buena Gardens. This waterfall was so mesmerizing. Behind the water were quotes from speeches from Martin Luther King, Jr. Very inspiring! Next we caught the cable car down to Fisherman's Warf. With a stop on the way on Lombard Street (the curviest road in the world). We also walked to Pier 39 for lunch at Boudin's with to-die-for sourdough bread. (A blessed memory from childhood with my grandparents)
While we were eating lunch and planning our next adventure for the day we found out that Wicked was playing in town at the Orpheum and they had a 2pm matinee. We absolutely love the music but have never had the opportunity to see the show, so we decided to try to get tickets. If we were lucky we might be able to get $30 seats in the the balcony. While standing in line a man approached us. He had a group of about 50 people and 2 people couldn't make it. He was selling us $75 center orchestra seats for $50 each. We only had $70 cash on us and he took it. We had fantastic seats for a mere $35 a seat. Woohoo! The show was amazing! The highlight of our trip. If you get a chance to go and see Wicked, I would highly recommend it!
The next day Bruce was in meetings all day so my Aunt Cheryl came up from Los Gatos for the day. We drove all over San Francisco and had lunch at Scoma's in Salsaulito. Then we spent the rest of the day in Chinatown buying loot for the kids. And, of course I HAD to buy a Kimono for Kate. She wore it last Sunday with her hair in a bun with chopsticks. She was too cute. I will post a pic sometime.

Later that evening we went to a Jazz Bistro for dinner. It was fun to have a live Jazz band playing while we ate. We wished Josh was with us to hear it too. The rest of the trip wasn't too remarkable but very enjoyable. However one of our favorite meals was lunch on Saturday at The Irish Bank. We just happened on this Irish Pub in a very small alley. The outdoor seating was so quaint and the food was yummy. Bruce had fish n' chips and I had an Irish stew. Yum!
I am so glad I went on this trip with Bruce. We had a fantastic time. It was so great for me to have quiet time away from kids. I loved spending time with my dear husband without all the distractions at home. I hope we can do it more often than once every 15 years.

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